Whether you've never really been involved in a home group or it's been a while since you were, prioritizing the time to get involved can be tough. Here's a few reasons why you should!

1. Experience God

God is all about relationship. When we are willing to be in relationship with others, God reveals himself to us and we experience him in new ways.

2. Make Friends

If you’ve been feeling like Sunday is a tough time to connect with people and make new friends, that’s because it is! Home groups are a great way to meet new folks and get to know each other. Often times these friendships last a lifetime.

3. Tough Times

Instead of going through struggles and tough times alone, be a part of a group of people that support each other, check in and keep you accountable.

4. Personal Growth

When you dive into the scriptures and discuss them with other people, it really challenges you to grown and change. Over time, there will be significant growth in your faith.

5. Serve Others

Each of us is a part of the body of Christ, with a unique set of experiences and gifts that bless others. You can be used by God in your group.

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