RESET Weekend Getaway

July 28-30th, Zephyr Point

Registration for RESET is now full! If you’d like to be on the waiting list, please contact the church office at 530.268.2539.

Life tends to draw our passions, our identity, our thoughts, and our energy toward things of the world. This summer the Lord is going to do a hard reset in all those areas as we take a few days to pursue him, turn our eyes toward heaven and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. Join us for a weekend at Zephyr Point (check it out) and take some time this summer to get RESET.

The schedule is intentionally NOT packed full, giving you time to be with friends, family or be alone, or talk and pray with one of our leaders. Launching off of Jesus command to LOVE in Mark 12:30, here are some of the topics we’ll be tackling:

  • RESET your Heart – Your heart, and its passions, is where everything you do flows from. There are times when the wrong passions take a hold of us and we need Jesus to free us and purify our hearts and our desires.
  • RESET your Soul – Sickness in our soul is rooted in an improper view of ourselves and our relationship to Jesus. Understanding your identity in Christ will bring joy, purpose and direction in your life.
  • RESET your Mind – How you process your life and think through the situations that come your way depend heavily on your expectations. Understanding the timing and the process of God will change the way you think.
  • RESET your Strength – Some live in perpetual exhaustion and poor health, while others lack the motivation to get off the couch. When we learn how to receive and steward energy from the Lord, it will change our life.

Call some folks and make it one of the best weekends of the summer!