Use this hashtag to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter,
or Instagram about what Christmas is really about! 

In the midst of the shopping, the craziness, the stress, loneliness and all the other things that happen during the holiday season, we can lose sight of what Christmas is really about. Let’s remind each other about what is real!



Step 1: Pause & Ponder

Pause, take a minute, and get a thought about how you would complete this sentence:

“Real Christmas is…”

Think about where the meaning really comes from.

Step 2: Post Your Thought

Type out a thought, find a picture, or record a quick video. Post to your favorite social media using the hashtag #realchristmascc.


Step 3: Check Back

Check back here to see what people are saying. We’ll be pulling things in from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag.