Why We Do Home Groups

The purpose of a Home Group is to provide a nurturing environment in which people can grow and mature in Christ by realizing the fullness of God’s love for them, and strengthening each other in the Lord. A Home Group provides a meeting place to establish relationships with those who love, accept, and forgive each other. Whether we admit it or not, we need each other, and God desires to have each of us help build His character into the lives of one another.

We need God’s help to see us through the circumstances in life as well as the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ, who love us. Our tendency is to ignore God and others, and to withdraw into ourselves. As a result, we become even more isolated and alone.

Some of the benefits we enjoy as we meet together with other Christians in Home Groups:

  • Cultivate an increased desire to know and to walk with God.
  • Obtain a clearer understanding of, and application of, the Bible.
  • Express thanksgiving to God through praise and worship.
  • Become part of a family of believers who love and support each other.
  • Experience the working of the Holy Spirit as He ministers among us.