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Supper For 8

February 1 - May 31
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Connect over a meal with other believers (55+)!

You’ll join a group of eight people and rotate through each others’ homes (or eating out/picnicking) together once per month from February through May. This is a great way to connect with people and enjoy fellowship!

Sign up in the lobby or office now to get into a group. Your group coordinator will call to arrange the first meal day, time, and location.

How does Supper for 8 work?

Complete the registration form and you will be placed into a group of 8 people. A coordinator will call and give directions to their house for the first dinner. At that meal, the group will work together to schedule future meals and locations. Everyone will have the opportunity to host, if they choose. The group can be as creative as they choose in the meals they enjoy, but please tell your coordinator if you have special needs such as food allergies.

What does a coordinator do?

Coordinators call the other group members and host the first dinner. They also serve as the point person as needed for future gatherings.

What is the night of the first dinner?

Your coordinator will contact you and let you know the specific date and time of the first meal, usually a Friday night. All future dates will be determined by the group members.

Who cooks the meals?

Everyone pitches in! The host for each dinner (someone from the group) will provide the entree and beverages. The host contacts each group member to arrange for them all to bring additional potluck items. We do ask that meals be alcohol free.

I don’t have room to host a dinner, or I can’t really cook. Should I still participate?

ABSOLUTELY! Our desire is for you to spend time dining together and getting to know everyone. Meals should be simple. If you are unable to host in your home, you can plan a picnic, eat out, or repeat meeting in another member’s home. Everyone can participate, and not everyone has to host.

Will there be separate groups for singles and couples?

No. Our intent is to mix everyone together.

What happens at the dinner?

Supper for 8 is about food, fun, and getting to know each other in a casual setting.  Our goal is to have Christ-centered fellowship. The only request we make is that the host shares their personal salvation testimony, if comfortable (No alcoholic beverages please).

What happens when the four months are over?

Hopefully you will have had such a good experience that you’ll sign up for another four months! We encourage you to let us know in the church office so we can create new groups. 

This sounds like fun! How can I sign up?

Register at the church in January for the groups to meet in February – May.


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