Fast + Pray

Hello Everyone,

In the last two weeks, the words of Romans 12:12 have continued to play in my head:

  • Rejoice in hope,

  • Be patient in tribulation,

  • Be constant in prayer.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. This is where we find ourselves in this unprecedented season. We choose to rejoice in the sure and steadfast hope of Jesus, as we continue to proclaim His truth and make Him Know. We choose to patiently wade through this tribulation, recognizing it affects each of us personally as well as our community. And finally, we remain constant in prayer.

To that end, we will be setting aside Thursdays as a day to fast and pray as a church. We will fast from breakfast and lunch, and then break our fast over dinner. Take this time to pray for those affected by the virus, for God to move and heal, and for renewal in both Placer and Nevada counties. The Lord is not surprised by what we are walking through. I also believe there is a real opportunity to make much of Jesus in this season. I would ask you to join me in prayer as we set our hearts toward Him in this moment.

Grace + Peace,

Pastor Andrew

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