Jr High New Year's Lock-In

Spend all night at the church with your fellow junior high students in the absolute best way to start off the new year!

Join us for our New Years extravaganza! We’ll play a game we only play at our Lock -In events called Mission Impossible that’s always a hit. We also have a special Bible study and worship session that culminates in taking communion as our first act in the new year, dedicating it to the LORD. We will go to sleep at this event, so don’t plan on staying up all night! We’ll wake up early to eat breakfast together and hang out until parents arrive to pick up their students.

Don’t miss it!

Cost: $15. Register.

Please bring the money to the event or turn it in the church office.

Last day to sign up is December 30. No youth group January 2nd or 3rd.

For more information, contact the church office at 530.268.2539 / 530.885.6332